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No petroleum derivatives

No harmful chemicals (every substances on earth is a chemical)

No harmful contaminants

No ingredients made to sound like natural ingredients that aren't

No green washing

No marketing hype

Only the finest, most effective ingredients available

Let's first say something about added water. We use spring water from our farm to create our creams and lotions. Think water added to a product is there to cheapen it or thin it down? All creams and lotions on the market contain water whether it is listed on the label or not. You can't make a cream or a lotion without it. Without it, you have a salve. We sell those too, if you don't want a product that contains water. We don't use much water, but we do use some. Remember, you are made of over 60% water yourself and you aren't so bad. Fortunately, we don't use anywhere near that much. If you find something in our products that is not on this list, please email us with any questions you have. All of our ingredients are natural, organic, or naturally derived. As a company, we don’t hide anything. Only two ingredients have ever had any controversy surrounding them, in my opinion, because people just don't know the science or how to interpret the science that is presented to them. One is emulsifying wax and one is grapefruit seed extract. I agree, there are some brands of these substances on the market that are not what they should be. The ones we use don’t fall into this category. I can’t make a cream, and I can’t make any product containing water that does not require two things: a fool proof preservation system and an emulsifier. Neither can anyone else. Regarding grapefruit seed extract, it’s a misrepresented, chemically misunderstood natural wonder. I've tried to have intelligent debates with other manufacturers over this substance, only to find that that is what they are, manufacturers, not scientists. They don't have the background to interpret the chemistry. Please, be very cautious of the self proclaimed experts out there. Remember, they have something to sell. As far as vegetable emulsifying wax goes, the brand we use is the industry gold standard and it is derived from natural substances, but not truly natural by definition. It is the only thing I've found that can hold some of our honey bases together! If anyone ever comes out with a better emulsifier that is 100% natural and does a good a job, I’ll be the first to try it. Until then...

- Sally, founder, Meadowlake Farm

Apricot Kernel Oil: Expeller pressed from dried apricots. High in vitamin A. Helps dry, delicate, mature skin and sensitive skin.

Borage Oil:
18-20% GLA. The best available. Cold pressed from the seeds of the borage plant. Contains an abundance of Gamma Linoleic acid. Effectively combats the aging process, reverses UV damage, regenerates cells and stimulates new cell activity.

Castor Oil: A soothing emollient with humactant properties.

Essential Oils: 100% pure undiluted, steam distilled from plants, leaves, fruits and flowers. All of our oils have been chosen for inclusion based on their antiseptic, antimicrobial, bactericidal and other complimentary characteristics as well as for providing benefits to the mind through the sense of smell.

Citricidal Brand Grapefruit Seed Extract: From the ground seed and pulp of organic grapefruit.

Citricidal Brand is the original, proprietary extract sold world wide for over twenty years as a nutritional supplement. It is the only brand of GSE on the market that has been tested and found to contain no contaminants. It is not sold as a cosmetic preservative, and in testing, has not shown any preservation properties. It is used in our products to add acidity and adjust pH. Each batch of Citricidal Brand is tested for contaminants and a certificate of analysis is provided by the manufacturer to that effect. Our own independent laboratory tests have revealed no traces of any contaminants in Citricidal Brand, which is the only GSE we source and use in our products.

Emulsifying Wax: An emulsifier is required to hold oil and water together. All creams and lotions must have one and a lot of natural product manufacturers are not listing this ingredient on their labels. The only truly natural choice that would work with our ingredients is borax in combination with beeswax. We won't use borax. It has very concerning health risks and we can not support the impact the mining of it has on its native ecosystem. Plus, borax is a poor emulsifier. We use a proprietary blend of beeswax with a small amount of vegetable emulsifying wax derived from olive oil, the fatty acids of which have been esterified with sorbitol which produces a pure, stable end product with zero health effects. The manufacturer is Croda, the brand Polawax. We've had the product independently tested and it contains no chemical contaminants in spite of claims to the contrary.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
Cold pressed, stone ground. Rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, chlorophyll and natural peroxides. A superior moisturizer. Provides a high degree of protection from environmental stressors and the sun as well as superior healing properties.

Hemp Seed Oil: High in essential fatty acids. Superior skin mositurizing, balancing and healing properties.

Grape Seed Oil:Superior emolliant, light, easily absorbed with regenerative properties.

Jojoba Oil: A plant wax with anti-inflammatory properities. It's composition closely resembles sebum in human skin and is readily absorbed.

Leacudal: A natural antimicrobial derived from fermented radishes.

Mango Butter:
Superior skin softening and moisturizing properties. Taken from the kernel of the tropical fruit.

Naturally Filtered Well Water: Have you thought about the water in your products as an added chemical? You should. All creams and lotions contain an appreciable amount of water. Ours is as pure as water gets, from the well of Meadowlake Farm.

Rosehip Seed Oil Virgin:
Cold pressed from the seeds of the rose plant. High in essential fatty acids and vitamin C (Important note: In spite of all the claims and high costs associated with products that have 'added' vitamin C, any added vitamin C is not in a natural form and is unstable in solution and rapidly degrades. Added vitamin C is not in a form that can be utilized by skin cells. It acts as a marginally effective, short acting preservative and nothing more.). Exceptional for treating over pigmented and mature skin. Diminishes visible capillaries and scarring.

Sweet Almond Oil: Obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. The oil is good for application to the skin as an emollient.

Sunflower Oil: Expeller pressed. High in vitamins A, C, D and E, minerals, Lecithin and Linoleic acid. Especially good for dry, delicate skin. Superior healing properties.

Vitamin E Oil:
D-Alpha Acetate, the most natural form available. Superior antioxidant. A natural preservative. Helps prevent wrinkles and scarring.

What does expeller pressed mean? This is a mechanical means of extracting oil from seeds and nuts without the use of chemicals. The harder the seed or nut, the more pressure required to press it, the higher the temperature reached by the friction generated during process.

What does cold pressed mean? Cold pressed oils are expeller pressed in a heat controlled process which keeps the heat generated below 120 degrees F. Delicate oils should be expelled this way to protect their
bioavailable properties.