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Ancient cultures knew the value of hive products in healing and nourishing the skin.
There is nothing that parallels them, man made or natural.
U.S. hospitals are once again turning to honey to treat complex wounds and burns.
In spite of all our science, honey heals where other therapies fail.

This is our heritage, our gift from nature.

In 2005 we set out to develop the finest hive based skin care line available from the bounty of our
organic honey bee hives and our own farm. We created our own formulas which contain between
25% and 50% raw hive products. We did it our way, the only way, hand in hand with nature.
All of our products are delicately hand crafted because they have to be.

Our products are made from hive products in their raw unprocessed form which

means the most beneficial nutrients and enzymes they contain remain intact,

something that won't be found in commercial grade products.

Honey provides countless benefits in skin care. It attracts and retains moisture. It is an antibacterial and anti fungal. It supplies vital nutrients in forms the skin can use. It heals a multitude of skin conditions. It is an anti inflammatory. Rich in alpha hydroxy acids, it gently rids skin of dead cells. It tones and conditions skin and protects against free radical damage.

Propolis, is a substance bees create from botanicals and resins. It provides all of the benefits of honey in a highly concentrated form. In addition, scientist have found it renews collagen and destroys rogue cells (cancer cells).

Beeswax helps retain moisture in the skin without blocking pores, allowing skin to breath. Raw beeswax, contributes many of the properties found in other hive products to skin care formulas.

Our products feature a natural preservation system.

The water in our products (all creams and lotions contain water)

is pure and fresh from the unspoiled earth of Meadowlake Farm.

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

Society of Cosmetic Chemists

American Botanical Council

United Plant Savers

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Green Products Alliance

Certified Naturally Grown

Cruelty Free Companies

My Women's Business Network